Trails (Strictly no dogs allowed)
  • First Sunday of every month at 8.30am free trail. Donations welcome. Start at David McLean Drive entrance. (2 hrs)
  • Trails are also offered in Zulu. There are further trails and braais at Gwalagwala, including breakfast, lunch and sunset (night trail).
Jean Senogles prepares to lead a trail

Illegal cutting of New Trails and Paths It appears that some individuals and groups have taken it upon themselves to create their own trails and paths. These were cut in sensitive wilderness areas with no regard to contours with resulting erosion. They were marked by unsightly plastic bags hung from branches.
There are no official trails below the Cascades.

The Palmiet guards have been instructed to apprehend any persons creating or using illegal trails. Tourists from Norway boulder hopping in the Palmiet Feb 2005 Photo Clive Read

Trail Maps
Gwalagwala Entrance and Parking
Eastern Trails Cascades

Warren Friedman Monthly Guided Trail 031-2622935.



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