Years of habitat destruction, poaching and development had a huge impact the Reserve's mammal life. However with improved management and the official proclamation as a Reserve the Vervet monkeys and banded mongooses, Genets, Dassies and Blue Duiker are being regularly observed

Cape Clawless Otter Aonyx capensis

Water Mongoose Atilac paludinosus

ROCK DASSIE Procavia capensis

Blue Duiker

Predators:Pythons and Eagles,

Banded Mongoose

Slender Mongoose


Bush Babies

Palmiet Nature Reserve5 Mar 2005
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Spoor from the Clawless Otter Photo Clive Read March 2003Cape Clawless Otter Photo Clive Read  (Ballito) Mar 2003 Otter tracks  in the Palmiet need confirmation.

Water Mongoose. Photo Clive Read 2004



Blue Duiker