Fish and Frogs
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Four of the most interesting frogs that inhabit South Africa are found in the Palmiet Nature Reserve.

The Forest Tree Frog is usually light green or with darker irregular patches. It has suckers on its toes and may reach about 60mm in size. At night the males can be heard calling a loud Yak Yak The female lays about 200 (3mm) yellow eggs out of the water up to a metre from it on or under wet leaves in dense shade. The hatchling tadpoles wriggle in a mass towards and into the water.

The Ghost Frog is extremely secretive. A curious looking frog about 60mm long, flat,dark-blue-black and mottled with bulging eyes and suckers on its toes. Its large white eyes are laid in horizontal cracks under rocks. The tadpoles have large sucker mouths with which they cling to rocks in swiftly flowing water.

The Kloof Frog was first discovered at nearby Kloof by Father Boneberg of the Marianhill Monastery in 1913. Prefers dark overgrown kloofs. Grows to about 40mm and is dark or light brown. It has the unique habit of laying its 75 to 100 eggs in a stiff jelly cake 6-40mm in diameter. The cake is attached to a perpendicular rock, leaves or encircling a stem. The hatching tadpoles can then drop into the water below. The frog has large suckers on the front feet only used for clinging onto an object while the eggs are being laid.

The Bush Squeaker lays 10 to 30 eggs out of the water singly in globes of hard jelly 5mm in diameter under damp leaves in the forest. The eggs take a month to develop into tadpoles and baby frogs 6mm in size. The Bush Squeaker looks like a miniature toad about 35mm in size and varies from dirty-white to brown, with a diamond pattern over the back. Its call is a "weep weep weepy weep"

Blaasops or Rain frogs Breviceps adspersus are short headed balloon like creatures. They lay their eggs underground where the young frogs develop without water. Call is "Oink Oink" while B. verrucosus has a melodious plaintive drawn out "hoooiiink" on a rising note.

Striped Rana /Sharp Nosed Rana/Spotted Rana/common Rana

Common Toads and the Raucous Toad lay strings of up to
20 000 eggs


Running frog

Spotted burrowing Frog

Puddle frog

Dwarf Puddle frog

Dainty frogs

Natal Pyxie

Reed Frogs

Yellow Striped

Painted Reed frog








Palmiet Nature Reserve29 Dec 2009
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Photo Clive Read 8 Jan 04
Tree Frog Photo Clive Read Sep 03
Tree Frog meets grasshopper. Photo Pat Hansen 2004


Photo Sage Fam

Photo Sage Fam


Painted Tree Frog Photo Shirly Sage Albizia Place 12/09

Fish attempting to jump the cascades after heavy rains. Photo Clive Read 8 Jan 2004